Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Orange Church of the Nazarene Holy Week Scavenger Hunt!

We hope your family has a great time venturing out in your car to find these items. (If you would rather stay home at this time, you can find these items around your house and take a family photo with each item.)

This scavenger hunt was created to help you remember the events of Holy Week. Please submit your pictures to or at We hope you all have a great time. I will get a prize to each family who completes the hunt!

  1. Take an NIV Bible With You
  2. All Items are hidden around the town of Orange, either in a park, storefront window/parking lot or along the road . Everything is visible from your car. (except sponge) Use the Bible CLUE for a hint to the location. (think name of store, name of street, kind of business, name of park)
  3. Find each item pictured and take a selfie with the object.
  4. Find the items in the order they appear on the list.
  5. Once you’ve found an item, READ the corresponding scripture and discussion question with your team before moving on.
  6. Follow all laws.
  7. Have a fantastic time and try to learn something new!

Perfume bottle

CLUE: Genesis 2:10, 2:15

READ: Matthew 26:6-13. (Jesus knew he was being prepared for burial.) Discuss: Explain what you think about Jesus knowing he would soon be buried.

Cup and bread

CLUE: Deuteronomy 9:2, Matthew 12:41

READ:Matthew 26:20-29 (Jesus shared the Last Supper with his disciples.) Discuss: What does this passage tell you about how Jesus cared for his friends?


CLUE: Proverbs 13:11, Matthew 25:27

READ:Matthew 26:36-45 (Jesus spent time in prayer.) Discuss: What does this passage tell. You about what Jesus was thinking before his death?


CLUE: Genesis 1:11, Deuteronomy 11:10

READ:Matthew 27:27-31 (Jesus was persecuted.) Discuss: What does the way Jesus was treated in this passage tell you about his sacrifice for us?


CLUE: Matthew 2:23, Acts 20:28

READ:Matthew 27:32-44 (Jesus was places on the cross) Discuss: Why would they call him the King of the Jews?


CLUE: Genesis 1:20(think street), Genesis 4:22

READ:John 19:28-30 (Jesus was crucified) Discuss: Explain why you think Jesus gave his life on the cross for us.


CLUE: Deuteronomy 2:27(think street), Ecclesiates 2:5

READ:John 19:28-30 (Jesus knew the scripture was fulfilled.) Discuss: What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “it is finished”?


Ecclesiastes 10:3, Proverbs 17:22

READ:Matthew 27:62-28:2 (Jesus tomb was secured by a great stone.) Discuss: How can we know that Jesus’ resurrection wasn’t faked, as Pilate feared?

An empty container

CLUE: Psalm 36:9, Genesis 1:6

Read Matthew 28:5-10 (Jesus rose from the dead, leaving only the empty tomb) Discuss: Explain why you think both the angel and Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid!”

Questions to think about...

What’s one new thing you learned about Easter during this experience?

If you could tell a friend just one thing about Easter, what would you say?

What was your favorite part of our scavenger hunt, and why?